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T-Therapeutics  I  Team

Ruben Cabanillas

Senior Director of Translational Medicine

Ruben is Senior Director of Translational Medicine at T-Therapeutics.

He is a physician-scientist with a multidisciplinary background and over 15 years of experience in leading precision medicine initiatives in both academic and corporate environments.

His expertise spans diverse areas, including surgical oncology, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, molecular biology, and specialised knowledge in head and neck cancer and human genetics.

Ruben specialises in guiding research from the laboratory to real-world clinical applications and is committed to developing comprehensive approaches for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

His prior roles include serving as a Physician-in-chief at IMOMA, and he is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Oviedo, teaching in the fields of translational oncology and cancer stem cells.

Abington Hall
Granta Park
CB21 6AL