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T-Therapeutics  I  Platform


Best-in-class transgenic mouse platform combined with disease-to-target discovery approach.

T-Therapeutics is developing next generation transformative medicines that target specific disease markers: first in cancer, and in time autoimmune and infectious diseases.

We are able to engineer highly specific soluble TCRs that bind very strongly to cancer-specific targets and assist our immune system to pinpoint tumour tissues and destroy them.

The source of our unique TCRs is the OpTiMus® platform, a highly engineered transgenic mouse carrying genes for the human immune system. We immunise the mouse with human peptides and the mouse makes humanised TCRs that don’t exist in the human repertoire.

This provides us with an almost unlimited supply of TCRs which have unique properties in terms of activity, affinity, half-life and diversity.

We apply machine learning to enable the selection of the most active molecules and use these as building blocks to make our first-in-class and best-in-class drug candidates.

Prof. Allan Bradley FRS, FMedSci
Founder & CEO

We are developing a portfolio of TCR-based medicines.

Targets  I  Specificity and homogeneity

The TCRs that define the specificity of our drugs recognise unique short peptides derived from proteins expressed in the target cells from cancers, inflamed tissue or infected cells.

Today we can deploy more refined tools to identify targets than was possible even a few years ago.

This advance is made possible by the analysis of single-cell sequence information from cancers and inflamed tissues.

T-Bridge® molecules harness the power of personalised molecular data for individualised healthcare.

TCR Medicines  I  Building T-Bridge® Molecules

While these T-Bridge® molecules are very similar in design, sequence and even action, they are also precision medicines.

Each is unique – designed to target a specific cancer or inflamed tissue based on the expression of genes which are not only specific for the disease state but also depend on the underlying genetic makeup of the patient.

The fragments of gene products specific to the target tissue vary among patients, illustrating the relatedness and uniqueness of our T-Bridge® molecules.

T-Bridge® molecules rely on a unique combination of tissue-specific and patient specific genetic information to work effectively. 

Translation  I  Precision Medicines

Our medicines are targeted to specific cancers.

Molecular knowledge of the cancer or inflamed tissue will be required, alongside the person’s genetic make-up to identify patients who can benefit.

T-Bridge® molecules harness the power of personalised molecular data for individualised healthcare.

Our treatments are finely tuned to target specific cancers, autoimmune conditions and infectious diseases, leveraging the intricate synergy of advanced genetic therapies and cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

We’re making precision medicine a reality. To benefit from our approach, a deep understanding of the molecular characteristics of the affected tissue and an individual’s genetic profile are essential for patient identification.

We’re making precision medicine a reality.

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