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Unleashing the power of natural T cells to reshape the clinical landscape for cancer patients

Huge advances have been made in the treatment of cancer with major breakthroughs coming from the development of immuno-oncology drugs such as check point inhibitors and T cell engagers.

These drugs work by enabling the body’s own T cells to recognise and kill cancer cells.

In some cases these drugs are curative. But current approaches are limited, only working in some cancers and lacking specificity which can cause significant side effects.

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We harness the natural power of T cells to attack and destroy tumours


T-Therapeutics is driven by a profound purpose: we harness the natural power of T cells to attack and destroy tumours.

We achieve this by discovering and developing T cell receptor-based drugs designed to recognise specific cancers and also recruit the patient’s own T cells to kill the cancer cells and ultimately eradicate the tumour.

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Through our proprietary OpTiMus® platform, we identify ‘optimal’ T cell receptors (TCRs) as building blocks for pioneering cancer therapies.


The OpTiMus® platform is a fully humanised TCR mouse which generates fully human TCRs that don’t exist in the human repertoire. The OpTiMus® platform is not only able to produce an almost unlimited number of human TCRs, but these also have unique properties which make them ideal to develop a portfolio of transformational medicines for cancer.

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We are a next-generation TCR company, spun out from the University of Cambridge, deeply rooted in world-leading academic science.


We combine world-leading expertise in mouse genome engineering, deep expertise in biopharmaceutical drug development, single cell genomics, machine-learning and structural biology.

Our inclusive culture is one of creativity, innovation, integrity, community, diversity and collaboration.

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